A Piece of Advice: Stay Positive!

September 20, 2011 by Careerminds

Jennifer Fry
Careerminds Consultant

In the present economic climate, a job search may go on for longer than you expect or would like, but it’s important to keep a positive mindset throughout. Not only will it benefit you simply by keeping you happy and healthy, it could prove beneficial to your search, as well. When you’re feeling down, your productivity can plummet, so a sunny disposition can be just what you need to keep your job hunt on the right track. Here are a handful of tips to help you stay positive while you work to find your next opportunity:

  1. Make a plan and stick to it- After separation from your previous employer, your job search is your job, and you should treat it accordingly. Create a daily schedule and set regular goals for yourself the same way you would in a normal work environment. Not only will this keep you moving in the right direction, it will also allow for daily accomplishments to help maintain a feeling of achievement.
  2. Reward yourself- In conjunction with tip #1, give yourself a pat on the back—or maybe even some small material reward—for all of those small successes. Being offered an interview or even completing a revamped version of your resume counts as a success and should be celebrated as such. While the end goal is getting that job offer, the many steps taken to reach that point deserve recognition, too.
  3. Seek support- During times of uncertainty or distress, family and friends are there to offer a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on, and it’s ok to accept them. Additionally, seeking out other individuals in similar positions can be equally helpful; fellow job hunters understand what you’re going through and can be there to offer tips or simply act as a supportive comrade during the job search process—a favor you can reciprocate!
  4. Allow for some “me time”- While it’s necessary to stay focused on working toward that new job opportunity, it’s equally necessary to give yourself a well-earned break every now and then. It can be easy for job seekers to lose track of the hobbies and pass times they used to enjoy, but keeping up with at least some of them can be vital to your overall health and happiness. Maybe that gym membership is an expense you can’t afford on your new budget, but consider other ways to get in your regular workout—take up walking, running or bicycling, practice yoga or pilates from home, join your friends for a game of basketball. Or perhaps you’d rather make time to keep up with your reading list or take in a new movie. Whatever you prefer, remember to strike a balance between work and play.
  5. Try something new- Use your time away from working to focus on learning a new skill or volunteering you help to a worthy cause. Not only will these activitie allow you a break from your search, they can also help move you toward success. New skills can be applied to potential new positions, and volunteer work allows you to new networking connections that may land you in an interview or a new job.
  6. Focus on the long-term- While every opening and every interview may not instantly lead you to new employment, each step on your way is an opportunity to make connections. The networking opportunities available to you through interviewing, sharing with fellow job seekers and so on will provide you possible career-enhancing connections for the future. Who knows? Someone you meet on your journey may provide you with new opportunities down the road, so remember to make every connection count.

Follow these tips and remember to keep your chin up! The process can be arduous, but in the end, your hard work will pay off.

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