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6 Resources You Need If You’re A Higher Education HR Professional

January 31, 2017 by Meredith Brandt




Working in higher education HR has never been easy, but now, there are resources that may make your job a little smoother. We went out to find the top resources higher education HR professional could use, and we came up with this list. From eBooks to websites, make sure to check out the variety of sources that can make your HR practices stronger.

1. HIGHER EDUCATION eBOOKhigher education hr

This easy-to-read downloadable eBook has quick tips to better your talent development and off boarding practices at your institution. Within the eBook, there are important higher education HR statsand useful links to connect you to information that could broaden your understanding of industry-wide problems. Additionally, the eBook offers information about Careerminds and the programs we offer that can benefit your higher learning institution.



HERC, or the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, has a website that has a variety of resources that can be beneficial for higher education HR professionals working in the industry. The site links to webinars, blogs, and news sources in addition to providing resources on a range of topics from diversity to dual-career planning. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to better their workforce planning, talent acquisition and retention, and workforce diversity efforts.



The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources’ magazine, published three times a year, contains articles published by industry professionals for industry professionals. The full magazine is a members-only publication, but select articles are released freely online for higher education HR professionals to enjoy. The magazine has a very clear industry-specific focus, which may be great for your higher education HR team to check out.



Careerminds’ webinar in February 2017 covers some important key topics for workforce planning for higher education institutions. Led by professionals who are knowledgeable about HR challenges specific to the education industry, this webinar should get participants to be able to assess their own readiness for workforce planning and identify key action steps needed to implement it at their institution.



SHRM is an amazing resource for any HR professional, but its wide variety of material can be especially beneficial to a higher education HR team. With SHRM’s magazine, its plethora of online planning tools, and its articles written by industry professionals, it is definitely something to look to for a variety of topics and resources.



Either in conjunction with the workforce planning webinar or as a stand alone resource, this template download can be helpful for structuring the workforce at your higher education institution. The template download provides not only structure for higher education HR to perform workforce planning surveys and create strategies, but also examples so as to guide the drafters of the survey and managers assessing individual skills of employees.

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