4 New Age HR Programs You Need to Try in 2017

February 20, 2017 by Meredith Brandt

Technology has caused many different industries to have hit a surge in development. Human resources is no exception. Today’s new age HR is constantly changing and growing. Every HR task has been updated and developed. Check out some areas we think are particularly important here:



In today’s modern landscape, leadership development programs don’t focus on leadership strategies of the past; they look to what’s next. We know this firsthand at Careerminds, with our leadership development program that’s targeted towards developing a pipeline of leaders at your company. The program includes individualized feedback, customized development plans to address developmental core competencies, a learning environment to practice skills in a peer to peer environment, weekly live webinars facilitated by leadership development experts ,and one to one leadership development coaching. Leadership development programs are no new innovation for the field of HR, but there are new age HR programs that will prepare your company to best prepare your employees for the future.


Big data has entered the recruitment field and it’s here to stay. Don’t get lost in a sea of statistics – embrace all this information instead. Recruiting software can help you find the perfect candidates. You can use analytics based on targeted traits to help find exactly who you’re looking for. The use of data analytics in recruitment is key for perfecting your talent acquisition strategy, increasing employee retention, and forecasting your future hiring needs. In the world of new age HR where everything can be measured and planned, you should be utilizing these tools to the fullest.


In a recent survey by Deloitte, only 22% of respondents said that HR is adapting to the changing needs of their workforce. One of these major needs has to do with management. For optimized workforce management, new age HR platforms should help you better your:

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Interpersonal relationships

These platform features can help in rewarding high performers, optimizing the placement of your talent, and building productive teams. New age HR can and should incorporate technology into your strategy to streamline and maximize the productivity of your team.


To help your employees leave your company, whether they’re transitioning to a new position or transitioning into retirement, new age HR programs are your best option. Technology has enabled programs the retirement planning and outplacement process to be more flexible, more affordable, and more effective than ever before. Participants can leave their positions at your company and know that another job is soon on the way OR that they can retire without worrying about being unprepared for the ramifications of leaving the workforce.

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Meredith Brandt

Meredith Brandt

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