Outplacement Companies

We’ve built the next generation of outplacement solutions. Careerminds is faster, better, and more affordable than other outplacement companies. We provide a wide range of tools and services to help laid-off employees get back on their feet. Learn more about our outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.

Learning Opportunities

Our next generation social learning platform includes interactive e-lessons, live webinars, live job feeds, an on-screen guide, and a unique repository for job documents. Careerminds’ robust e-Learning 2.0 platform uses two-way interactivity among tightly integrated tools, resources, and content to supply first-rate outplacement assistance.


Research is a click away with our comprehensive company research database, LinkedIn integration tools, resume promotion tools, and a professional resume writing service. Our outplacement services give the user all the information they need to transition to the next phase of their career.

Social Networking

These days, social media is a vital component of any job-hunting effort. Social tools like the CM social network, LinkedIn Optimizer, and social consulting help transitioning jobseekers network even faster.

Consulting Services

Dedicated consultants, virtual coaching, and more help employees find the right job for them. Remember: Our services are available to jobseekers until they find employment—unlike many outplacement firms, we don’t cut off our clients after an arbitrary time limit.


Careerminds was a great program that reduced the stress I was facing and helped me land in a new position in just under 6 weeks… Michael E.