Careerminds outplacement programs save you up to 70% as compared to traditional outplacement
6 outplacement programs,
7 configurable features,
8 featured platforms.
We do the heavy lifting.
Careerminds is rated excellent
on client surveys.
Outplacement 2.0 that is
getting people back to work 3x
faster than the national average
Our mission is to relieve
the stress our clients
face during transition
Discover the NEXT Generation of
Unlimited outplacement services until users find their next job

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Today’s workforce is much different and so is how you find a job. Why settle for an outplacement solution that hasn’t kept up with the pace of technology? Day in and day out we are constantly focused on providing the highest quality coaching and the most robust technology to help people find jobs more quickly. Explore this site to learn more about our job outplacement services.

Wall Street Journal’s
Report on Outplacement

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