A well-designed outplacement program can provide lasting value to your current and former employees, your company, your remaining workforce, and the economy as a whole. Learn more about our outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.

What Is Outplacement?

We define outplacement as a service that companies offer employees after a layoff, reduction in force, or transition (like a merger or an acquisition). Participants in outplacement programs typically receive training from career coaches on resume writing, social networking and job-seeking tactics, interview preparation, as well as data about the latest tools and trends in their industry.

The Traditional Model of Outplacement

Traditional outplacement companies have been around for a while, offering programs that range from individual sessions to group seminars in a face to face office setting. Their goal is to provide in-person resources, networking, consulting, and more for transitioning employees. Because traditional outplacement firms have a brick and mortar infrastructure, the costs of the programs are typically expensive and costs are passed back to the sponsoring organization.

Wall Street Journal’s Report on Outplacement

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Moving Away from the Traditional Model

Research suggests Organizations today are looking to reduce the amount they spend on outplacement and are looking at ways to lower cost without sacrificing quality. Technology advancements and the way job seekers are looking for jobs today have enabled outplacement options that had previously been impossible or impractical. Organizations are discovering that the mode of delivery is not as important as it was a few years ago.

Enter Virtual Outplacement

Careerminds was one of the first to market with a blended approach to Outplacement leveraging “high tech with a high touch” approach. The majority of the outplacement solutions today are delivered virtually, but for organizations who look for a face-to-face component, Careerminds is able to deliver a low cost blended solution of face to face and phone based career coaching. As companies are staffing more flexible workforces for employees and employees are working more virtually, “virtual outplacement” was a natural solution to the very traditional outplacement model.

The Bottom Line

Virtual Outplacement is good for business and here to stay. As organizations continue to feel the pressures of cutting cost, fortunately, this new approach to outplacement services is better, faster, and more affordable for businesses to implement, whether they are transitioning 4 people or 4000 people.