Career Transition

Careerminds is truly the next generation of outplacement. We’re disrupting the industry with precision-tailored solutions for your organization and your transitioning workforce. (Learn more about our outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.) Our career transition services go far beyond prevailing standards in the industry. What makes us different? Let’s explore the Careerminds advantage below.


Unlike most outplacement companies, our programs are NOT time bound; we offer career transition services to our participants until they find their next job. 95% of our participants tell us that they are highly satisfied with our workforce transition services.


Our comprehensive career outplacement programs allow participants to get started quickly, simplify steps in their job search, and keep them on track and moving forward. That’s why we place participants three times faster than the national average.


We have multiple technology platforms to best service your needs and budget, but it’s the human element integrated with the technology that drives results. Our team is composed of practitioners, coaches, outplacement pioneers, and consultants, most with over 20 years of experience. Our virtual outplacement services combine ease of use with one-on-one human contact, giving participants the security of knowing they have a sound support system to help them in their career transition.


Today’s workers are not one-size-fits-all, so we’ve built a completely configurable system that uses data and information provided by the participant to create a unique experience based on the transitioning jobseeker’s needs. Our outplacement 2.0 solutions can be easily tailored to accommodate a particular individual.