Outplacement Features

We get results!  Our entire focus is to make your job easier and help your employees transition quickly and effectively into their next career.  We offer outplacement features that you will not find from any other outplacement provider because we are constantly innovating around your needs and the needs of those in transition. Learn more about our outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.

  • An Experienced team of HR Experts and Consultants
    We’re here to support you on everything from planning to execution to ensuring your employees are taken care of to tracking the results.

  • Comprehensive and Configurable
    We allow you to pick and choose from a menu of benefits to build a program that meets your needs and budget. Click here to look at programs we’ve configured, or view our list of options and build your own solution.

  • Personalized
    No experience is exactly the same. We use data provided to us by each user to personalize the experience they have with us.

  • Supported
    Everyone who uses our service has the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from our network of over 100 consultants as well as others participants who are going through career transition.

  • Timeless
    Unlike traditional service providers who offer services bound by time, our programs are offered until the person finds their next opportunity. This gives our clients and participants peace of mind that they will receive the help they need.

  • Transparent
    We provide our clients with real-time access to data about their employees. You can see who is using the service, how much, who found a job and review their survey feedback. 95% of the people using our service give us a satisfaction rating of excellent or very good.

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