Story of Virtual Outplacement

Careerminds has been leading the evolution of virtual outplacement for years. As one of the leading virtual outplacement companies, we pioneered the Outplacement 2.0 movement, providing faster, smarter and more efficient outplacement to organizations and employees who thought it beyond their reach. We successfully combined the human element and the best technology to create a hybrid solution that was stronger than anything that came before it.

Our team continued to pave the way in outplacement evolution; turning transitions into opportunities by further enhancing our technology and training the nation’s top career coaches. Finally, we realized that 2.0 had turned into the Next Generation of Virtual Outplacement and we were leading the charge.

What does Next Generation Virtual Outplacement mean? It means a configurable technology platform that allows employers to create a solution with their employees in mind. Next Gen Virtual Outplacement means a customized LMS that leads participants through a unique experience built just for them. It means building solutions for industries that have their own trained staff, learning materials and research tools.

True disruption of the industry is what we’re after. And we’re it. From removing time restrictions from all our programs to our Build Your Own program, you’ve never seen outplacement like this before. Our history informs our present and the future of Careerminds, which is synonymous with the future of virtual outplacement.