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Careerminds Enhances Its CareerConnect Service to Favorable Response

Raymond Lee

Careerminds Group, Inc., a national consulting company specializing in web-basedoutplacement and career coaching services is receiving positive feedback for the improvements made to its proprietary CareerConnect and Outplacement Services.

The company expanded its fast-growing e-outplacement services by enhancing CareerConnect in the second quarter as an added benefit to participants in career transition. CareerConnect is a powerful web-based system that takes a proactive approach to conducting a job search and places participants in front of unpublished job openings. The innovative system uses data mining technology to search the web and over 17 million companies for specific trigger events such as major contracts awarded, press releases, growth and expansion announcements, research grants, earning announcements, mergers and acquisitions, labor announcements, and much more.

“I was very frustrated with the economy and finding a job. CareerConnect helped me land a marketing manager position without having to relocate,” said Julia Saber, a Trenton, New Jersey resident who’d been seeking employment for about three months.

CareerConnect also includes a unique LinkedIn feature that connects job seekers to company contacts right from the system. Participants are also able to manage their job searches through a Job Search Manager that neatly organizes their company contacts, salary data, interviews, and offer letters.

Sharon Robertson, a Baltimore, Maryland native, much like Saber, found CareerConnect to be more effective than traditional job boards. “I could not believe how quick I was able to find a job after being laid off from my company. My career consultant along with CareerConnect assisted me in quickly finding a sales position.”

Says John Abrams of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “I spent my entire career with one company. I thought it would take forever to find a job in the IT field. CareerConnect put me in front of companies that needed my experience. I’ve never used anything quite like it—it’s a very powerful tool.”

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