Building web-based outplacement technology is what we do. Configurable, customizable, personal. It has to work for the people who depend on Careerminds to get them their next opportunity. And our tech is up to the task.

Explore how we’re using the cutting edge in social, mobile, LMS and gamification to make your people and your organization stronger.

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Careerminds is the only platform that focuses exclusively on outplacement for your transitioning employees. Of course our numbers are better than anyone else out there, we never think about anything else! Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Personalized
    We are the only outplacement provider to take information provided by our users to modify their online experience. Their homepage is customized with their career consultant photo and contact details. They receive a personalized job feed based on their desired title and location and we direct them to areas of the technology based on their expressed needs.

  • Configurable Features
    For each platform, there are various features that can be turned on or off. Want to add a personal resume writer? Want to allow people to post their resume to up to 85 job boards through 1 process? What to add a social media manager? Want to provide access to a database of employers, contacts or recruiters? Just choose the options and budget that works best for you.

  • Scalable
    Whether you need a service for 1 person or 10,000 people, the technology is cloud-based and is accessible to any volume.

  • Socially Connected
    The power of the internet today is the ability to connect and get information quickly! Careerminds offers its own social tools that leverage the information, experience and advice of an entire network of experienced career consultants and other people going through career transition.

  • Multiple Platforms
    Let’s face it. Traditional outplacement providers typically have 1 website offered to people regardless of the program they receive. Not at Careerminds! We have multiple technology platforms that are offered depending on the program selected and the industry where the person wants to find a job.

  • On Screen Guide
    Cynthia is a multi-media, on-screen guide that summarizes each of the 21 e-lessons and helps to keep users informed and moving forward. It is just another way we keep users engaged and transitioning quickly.

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