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e-Outplacement Testimonial for Careerminds

Raymond Lee

Theater Xtreme Entertainment Group, a publicly traded national retailer specializing in affordable home cinema systems, furnishings, and installation had been expanding its store base for several years. It operated in 15 U.S. markets through a combination of company-owned and franchised locations. In 2008, Theater Xtreme contracted Careerminds to recruit Sales Associates and Sales Managers for six new stores planned in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets, including Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Washington D.C.

The burgeoning retailer was not initially concerned by the economic downturn because of its strategic position in the marketplace, a steady demand for its products and services, and a long-running investment partnership with consumer electronics giant Circuit City. To the industry’s surprise, in November 2008, Circuit City publicly announced that it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Sadly, Circuit City’s bankruptcy forced Theater Xtreme into a similar fate, with the company filing for its own bankruptcy protection about a month later.

Theater Xtreme had the difficult task of quickly downsizing and announcing layoffs at its locations, including the corporate headquarters. Because of its sudden lack of investment and working capital, the company had limited funds to provide outplacement services to its core employees. That’s when Theater Xtreme reached out Careerminds for outplacement.

“I was pleased to learn that Careerminds offered an affordable, efficient solution to assist our loyal employees with career transition services,” said Theater Xtreme CEO Robert Oberosler. “Careerminds’ e-Outplacement solution was a perfect fit, particularly because we wanted to provide affordable transition services in a convenient (web-based) and discreet (non-group) manner during a very sensitive time.” Careerminds quickly engaged the displaced employees using its e-Outplacement Center. Within days, Theater Xtreme’s employees were working privately with career consultants, identifying needs, forming unique action plans, working through the training programs, and tracking progress toward individual goals.

The feedback from its clients was very positive. Juley Dricken, a logistics coordinator at Theater Xtreme, describes the e-outplacement experience as “very thorough in terms of content and techniques, and attentive” to her career transition needs. “I was especially impressed by the convenience of all the services Careerminds offered and the expertise of my dedicated career consultant—I never once had to leave my home to work with a pro that had my best interests at heart,” Dricken added.

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