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Careerminds Launches MyJobSearch App for Facebook

Raymond Lee

WILMINGTON, DE, 12/20/10 — Careerminds Group, Inc., a North American provider of web-based outplacement and career transition services is pleased to announce the launch of its new Facebook application called MyCareermind.

The app reflects Careerminds’ larger social responsibility efforts and serves individuals in career transition who need free expert advice. “MyCareermind is something we’re very excited about, particularly because it’s a no-cost, high-touch resource for millions of job seekers who are looking for professional advice on job search topics that can be confusing, if not frustrating,” said Careerminds Vice President Justin Schakelman.

Job seekers who use Facebook to network with peers, colleagues, and other professionals may visit MyCareermind which is freely available on Careerminds’ Facebook page. Individuals are able to ask questions and Careerminds will select submissions at random and respond each week with answers via video for viewers to watch. “It’s a powerful way for us to share our knowledge with job seekers who are hungry for sound advice. Facebook is a natural medium for us to give back to the community in a productive and engaging manner,” said Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee.

If you or someone you know is an out-of-work Facebook user and is looking for free, expert job search advice, visit Careerminds’ MyCareermind app at:


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