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Evergreen Retirement

A career is not merely a series of jobs ending in retirement It’s a lifelong process of learning, growing, and finding purpose.

We developed Evergreen as a tool to complete your talent management plan. Evergreen provides a personalized, practical, and proven retirement lifestyle plan, empowering late-career employees to realize the retirement they’ve been dreaming about.

Retirement Lifestyle Planning Is:

  • Vital to maintaining a more predictable level of turnover
  • Key to enabling knowledge transfer and developing new talent
  • Critical to protecting a company’s reputation by enabling employees to feel more prepared when the time comes to leave the organization.

The Four Pillars of Evergreen

1. Information Gathering  


Transition planning isn’t one-size-fits-all. First, an expert retirement coach will meet with the employee to understand specific goals and concerns, and then develop a customized plan of action.


2. The Assessment: The LifeOptions™ Profile


The LifeOptions™ Profile, a Career Partners International Assessment that helps employees discover what they want out of their next steps in retirement. The profile is a validated assessment, which consists of 99-questions.

3. Assessment Review 


Milestones and goals created so that the employee takes the steps needed to transition successfully.


4. Goal Setting and Next Steps


Once the review is complete, the coach will work with the employee to set goals and start the process. This step largely depends on what the individual wants to do. Do they want a new, full-time job in a different career? Do they want to volunteer, spend time with family, or take up a new hobby? The coach will help create milestones and design a pathway of success for the individual to follow to ensure they meet their goals.

Our Process, Simplified


Individual one-on-one assessment coupled with planning and career coaching


The LifeOptions™ Profile, a 99-question assessment, provides insight into retirement preparedness


Milestones and goals created so that the employee takes the steps needed to transition successfully


Coaching + technology, accessible in a contemporary, e-learning environment


Offers the social connectedness of like-minded late-career employees for support and advice


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