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Careerminds offers four partnership programs. Read below and discover which program is best for your organization. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, simply fill out the form and a representative will respond quickly to answer your questions.

Reseller Partner Program

Web 2.0, social learning, and HR Technology are the hottest trends today in talent acquisition, talent management, and outplacement, and Careerminds is at the front of the pack when it comes to Outplacement. The Careerminds Reseller Outplacement Partners Program offers you a wealth of opportunities to grow your outplacement business as more and more companies today are looking for better, faster, and more affordable outplacement solutions.

Careerminds fully integrated, scalable platform, and business model allow resellers the ability to sell more broadly while delivering consistent services across all clients.

  • Why Become a Careerminds Reseller Outplacement Partner?

Careerminds is the leading provider of web-based outplacement solutions for all industries across North America. We look to build strong, collaborative relationships with high-caliber regional outplacement providers committed to delivering quality and consistent service in the market.

With a full lineup of sales and marketing, training, service delivery and technical service and support resources, we empower Reseller Partners for mutual success. As a Careerminds Reseller Partner, you can:

  • Diversify your products.

Expand your product offerings to include a robust technology fueled virtual outplacement program that allows you to compete effectively in the market while enjoying industry-leading margins.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Build customer satisfaction and your brand reputation by directing clients to a solution that wasn’t built 20 years ago, can save them time and energy while streamlining their business.

  • Leverage sales and marketing resources.

We provide the sales and co-marketing resources you need to reach new prospects, communicate the value proposition and close the deal. Take advantage of lead generation, sales enablement and post-sales tools to strengthen your business.

  • Ramp up quickly with training.

Proven and repeatable implementation methodologies and our broad portfolio of web-based training opportunities, including exclusive partner-only training sessions, ensures your team can ramp up quickly to take advantage of Careerminds’ rich functionality.

Academic Partnership Program

Careerminds’ Academic Partnership allows colleges and universities to offer Careerminds’ exclusive MyBrand program to continuing education students who are nearing the end of their academic program. It’s a perfect bridge for non-traditional students who are re-entering the workforce after completing a continuing education program at your institution. Careerminds will provide the Academic Partners with the following resources:

  • Revenue sharing
  • In-depth talking points to aid the presentation of our unique e-outplacement programs
  • Customer-facing, professional marketing collateral
  • Functional support during regular business hours via phone and email
  • Periodic updates, enhancements, and additions to marketing collateral
  • Turn-key program with low risk and low barrier to entry

Career Consultants

Careerminds is always looking for talented career consultants across the U.S. and Canada. All of our independent career consultants are pre-screened carefully and we only select the best. At Careerminds, we believe in quality not quantity and the reward for you is working for a leading-edge outplacement provider. Career consultants work on a contract basis and are assigned to specific clients based on geographic location and industry experience.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please reach out to our VP of Operations, Lou Ann Kummerer, lkummerer@careerminds.com, with your resume and cover letter.

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