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Change is Good

Outplacement providers today are failing their participants. A concept that started with a noble mission is underserving the people for which it was created. Outplacement has not evolved at the pace of technology or alongside the changing workforce. Today’s HR Pros deserve better, faster and cheaper outplacement programs THAT WORK.

At Careerminds, Next Generation Outplacement is our only and constant focus. We decided to build next generation outplacement programs, based on firmly held beliefs that have shaped our service offering, enhanced our technology platform and will disrupt the outplacement industry of tomorrow.

    • We refuse to stand still.

If we stop innovating, we cannot meet the needs of the evolving workforce. Careerminds launched 5 technology releases in 2013 alone.

    • We will stand by our people.

No more time constraints on outplacement, we are the only provider that will stay with jobseekers until they’ve met their job goals. For our 7 programs, every single one is priced until placement.

    • We must be flexible.

Today’s workers are not one-size-fits-all so we’ve built a completely configurable system that is customized for every person who participates. There are 8 versions of the careerminds technology platform to choose from.

    • We believe change is good.

Careerminds constantly explores how to take a typically emotional experience and turn it into a very positive outcome for our participants. In fact, we have over a 95% satisfaction rate from our users.

    • We stand for real transition ease.

Jobseekers don’t need a program that’s simply one additional burden – which is why we write resumes, optimize linkedin profiles, feed targeted job leads, connect them and streamline processes to make their job search easy.

    • We believe in working smart.

Careerminds has a 1-step process that posts resumes to over 85 job boards.

    • We will be transparent.

Our clients can see exactly how our system works, from start to finish. Talent management professionals see who completed the program and how successful their outplacement choice was.

    • We will be smarter, better, faster and more affordable.

In fact, we already are. Just because outplacement used to be pricey, doesn’t mean it always has to be. Careerminds puts people to work faster in an average of 12 weeks and does it for 30-70% less than the competition.

This is what we believe the outplacement industry deserves. Our clients care about their transitioning employees and they deserve a solution that is easy to purchase, implement and track. Our participants deserve their next great opportunity faster than the standard offerings. Change, with Careerminds, can be good.

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