Four Main Components:

1. Information Gathering

Getting off to the right start is really important, so your personal consultant will conduct an in depth orientation with you to understand your general situation, gather information and goals, and orientate you to the program and process. At this point, you’ll have a plan of action designed for success.

2. Professional Branding, Resume Writing, and LinkedIn Optimization

Identifying your professional brand in the marketplace will be critical to the next journey of your career. We’ll help you identify your key accomplishments and elevator pitch that will be critical in updating your resume and linkedin profile. For the resume writing program, you’ll be assigned to a certified resume writer who will create a branded resume in 3 business days. We’ll also work with you on making sure your linkedin profile is optimized so that recruiters can find you on linkedin.

3. Social Learning and Networking

Once set up, you’ll have access to networking with current participants and alumni participants who have landed and successfully completed the journey. These alumni contacts are a great source for networking and inspiration. We also allow recruiters to access our vast groups of talented participants and job seekers.

4. Perfect Job Match and Resume Promoter

Careerminds has developed a proprietary software platform that makes it easy to accelerate your job search. Before posting to a job, you’ll able to identify specific keywords in every job posting that are missing from your resume by a matching algorithm we developed. You be able to easily add the relevant keywords in your resume so that your resumes shows at the top of recruiter searches. We’ll also mass distribute your resume to over 100 job boards by one simple interface. This maximizes the time your spending in getting your resume in front of recruiters.