Reduction In Force

When it comes time for a reduction in force (RIF), many managers find that the stress involved with carrying out the task is magnified by their uncertainty about the right procedures to follow. Planning an RIF certainly isn’t an easy process, but keeping the following tips in mind can prevent a lot of problems.

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Be Prepared

Prior to the meeting, ensure that you have reviewed and rehearsed the Manager Notification Script thoroughly. It is best if the discussion flows naturally and not scripted. Have you reviewed the agenda? Structured the meeting? Rehearsed what you are going to say? Are you prepared for the potential reactions from the employee? Do you have all relevant information about the employee?

Maintain a Professional Tone

Impacted employees must be treated with respect and dignity during the discussion.

Keep a Handle on the Conversation

Pay careful attention to reactions and changes of the employee during the discussion. Employees will be hungry for information but please stick to the plan.

Control the Environment

The physical setup of the rooms should be planned and reviewed. Each room will have a closed door, telephone, water and Kleenex.

Ensure Proper Security

Security and safety for everyone in the room should be thoroughly reviewed and executed. Security officers will be on site to assist and support as always.