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Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Careerminds

Careerminds Philadelphia Outplacement Services​ specializes and focuses solely on career transition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While most companies will brag about having an outplacement service, not all of them have outplacement as their sole focus. Careerminds is a nationally­ recognized outplacement firm, which means those affected by reduction in force are being retrained to enter the job market and will receive the attention they need to help steer them successfully into a new career.

When a company decides that it can longer maintain the same staffing, it will generally lay off a lot of people. The employees who are getting the pink slip will generally be devastated because of the pink slip, but some companies actually care about their employees and will pay for some type of career transition services ​for them. When Philadelphia companies downsize, they should know about why they need to use Careerminds in Philadelphia for their outplacement. Once they know about this, it is going to be rather easy for the employees to find a new job and know their previous employer cares.

Technology is going to change over time and with these changes people need to know about the new technology and how it is going to impact their chances of finding a new job. If job seekers are not properly trained on the new technology they may not ever find employment, but with Careerminds Philadelphia Outplacement​, technology and the human element are combined to get the recently rightsized back to work as soon as possible.

Coaching and guidance are going to be important to an employee who just got laid off. Outplacement firms​will generally commence with a questioning phase to best direct the recently unemployed to find a new employer that is the perfect match. With the proper coaching from Careerminds, the employees will quickly see that the layoffs could not have been avoided and it was generally because the company had to make some type of change to their operations. That being the case, and with Careerminds Philadelphia providing the proper encouragement, it will help clients get back into the job market faster and quicker than what they imagined.

Being laid off is never any fun, but it does happen to many dedicated employees because of company changes. When this does happen, people often will want to find a new job almost right away. The problem for a lot of people is they have been at the same job for so long they do not know where to turn or go. Some corporations care enough about their employees they will send them to an outplacement service such as Careerminds. By knowing about Careerminds, the rightsizing company will know they have selected the right outplacement company in Philadelphia ​to help them place their former employees in new jobs.