• The Buyers* s Guide to Outplacement

    Finding the right solution for your company doesn’t have to be difficult or painful; in fact, it can be a great opportunity to learn more about the marketplace and what new offerings may have emerged since the last time you looked.

  • The Complete Guide to Managing a Rif

    Honest, straightforward advice about one of the most difficult roles of HR

    • Preparation for implementing a RIF
    • Questions to ask you rself before a layoff meeti ng
    • Steps to conduct an organized RIF
    • Practical tips about the RIF meeting
    • Behavioral reaction suggestions
    • Employee FAQ and responses
  • The Ascent of web-based Outplacement

    This white paper examines the major questions surrounding the topic and provides evidence that may help HR professionals, benefits administrators, procurement professionals, and executives make objective decisions when contemplating a shift to web-based outplacement delivery. The central premise is that web-based outplacement, when done well, advances a rich teaching-learning process that can lead to high levels of sustained…

  • What you need to know about virtual Outplacement

    Careerminds, North America’s leading provider for virtual outplacement solutions, is here to help. We’ve compiled a starter pack to help you determine whether virtual outplacement (sometimes called Outplacement 2.0) is right foryou.

    You’ll find a background on why and …