Benefits to Offering Voluntary Severance

large__3049152556During the tech bubble of 2001 and the recession of 2008, employers faced the need to downsize several rounds in their organizations in order to meet business objectives. The toughest part of a layoff or reduction in force (RIF) is figuring out who goes and who stays. In a first round of layoffs, performance usually is part of the selection process, but as you get further down the list, it becomes tougher to select and voluntary separation programs begin to be appealing to any organization. Voluntary separations have always had multiple advantages over involuntary programs. First, employees who leave voluntarily are less likely to sue their organization over their separation and are more likely to sign a release in

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Outplacement for Workers Gets Upsized by Careerminds


blog post newThe Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled “Assistance for Laid off Workers Gets Downsized” which is creating quite a stir in the outplacement world. The article featured a laid off regional sales manager who received very little outplacement from his former employer that was poorly executed. The backdrop is companies today are shrinking human resource budgets, which is forcing the large traditional outplacement firms to shrink their outplacement programs in order to be competitive.

Reporter, Lauren Weber wrote, “the outplacement industry, which once thrived in tough times, is under pressure. Revenues are being squeezed as contract values with employers fall and cover fewer services, and a host of online upstarts—which offer Web-only career

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RIF Notification Counseling before the RIF

large__10130943734I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard HR professionals say, “I never expected my employee to react that way when we had to lay them off”, especially knowing that the company was tanking. Didn’t they know the reduction in force (RIF) was coming?

The reality is you can never predict how someone will react after being told they are going to lose their job, regardless of how many signals they receive prior to the reduction in force (RIF). Assuredly, it’s the element of surprise that can often lead to an emotional reaction and an unhealthy exit—one that can “burn bridges”.

But, is there a better way to mentally prepare employees about RIFs ahead of time? What if

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Employee Severance, Friend or Foe

clockEmployee severance packages have been around for a long time and come in many shapes and sizes. I would say that most all companies provide some form of severance package when an employee is either laid off or retire from their employer. Employee severance packages generally include additional severance pay and outplacement benefits that help the employee transition to their next opportunity.  Employee severance sends a message to the exiting employee that the company cares about them and wants to see the employee land successfully.

Other benefits that can be included in a severance package are things like , medical, dental or life insurance, relocation benefits,  retirement benefits, or stock options.

It seems the trend with employee severance packages is


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