How To Be The Most Likable Person In The Office

As a professional, it is important to be liked by your coworkers. Not only will this make your work life more enjoyable, but it will also play a key role in your personal career management. Being well liked will help you push forward initiatives, create new strategies, and advance farther in your career.  To learn more about getting ahead in your career, check out our career advancement blog.

interst picIn 1936, Dale Carnegie published the timeless novel How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book gives detailed accounts on how to be more likable, persuasive, and happy in your career. While there are several strategies to become more likable, the tips given in this

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7 Simple Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

In today’s ever changing workforce, many people are trying to get ahead in their career as a means of job security. This is no easy feat, and can cost several hours of your personal life via late hours and lost weekends.  While this can get you ahead, there are much easier solutions to this problem that won’t carry such a heavy cost. Below are 7 Simple Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career.

buz networking

1) Network Network Network

You should always be networking- even when you are not looking for a new position.  Contacts in your network can help you with new vendor contracts in your current role, provide mentorship, or help you with situations in

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5 Ways To See If Your Next Job Is A Cultural Fit

Have you ever accepted a job to find out that it was not what you were promised? Unfortunately, this happens to many people at least once within their careers. As the war for talent becomes more intense each year, hiring managers feel more pressure to attract the best candidates to their company. This can lead to them telling enticing lies about culture, work/life balance, and promotion opportunities, etc, that really are too good to be true. This unfortunate trend may affect many employees, and these little white lies could lead to a big turnover problem. There are several ways in which a candidate can negate this problem before accepting a job offer. Below are 5 ways to see if your next job

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Presenting for People Who Hate Giving Presentations

microphoneAre you one of those people who hate giving presentations or avoids every opportunity to stand up in front of a crowd to present? If so, you’re in good company. Did you know that three out of four individuals suffer from speech anxiety? Yep, that is 75% of us, which also includes extroverts.

If your goal in life is to ascend the corporate ladder, presentations and speaking in front of your peers will get you there. Whether we’re talking in a team meeting or presenting in front of an audience, delivering presentations is proven to accelerate your career faster than those who do nothing.

However, delivering presentations alone won’t do it. You need to present with flair and

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Tips for Better Organization at Work


Does this image look all too familiar? Being organized at work allows you to be much more productive and get things done. Below are tips for better organization at work.

1. Clean up and clean out!  Clean up the top of your desk so that you have a space to work efficiently.   Clean out all of your desk drawers, filing cabinets, and storage spaces.  Throw away paperwork that is no longer needed and store documents that you will need in the future.  Remove all clutter.

2. Create a filing and storage system that is easy for you to use. 

·       For paperwork – use file folders to sort and organize based upon topic.  Use color-coded files to find information

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Tips to Effective Business Emails

emailpicEffective communication skills in the business environment are essential for day-to-day operations as well as career progression.  The most successful leaders are excellent communicators.

Writing good emails in any corporate environment is key to getting your work done efficiently and effectively.  Since most workers receive a large volume of email each day, it is important that your emails are crafted well so that you can get the response you need within your expected time frame.

Here are Tips to Effective Business Emails:

Do not over-communicate by email. If the subject you are writing about needs back-and-forth discussion, it is better to do that in person or via phone.  Also, you do not want to use email to communicate about personal

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Things to Expect Besides a Paycheck

health insAs more millennials enter the workforce, companies need to be aware of the different types of benefits that attract this new pool of talent. Gone are the days where just a salary was enough to recruit workers. Millennials expect more benefits, meaningful work, and a chance to make a difference. Here are the top 8 things millennials expect from their employers that can help your organization be an employer of choice for this informed and bright generation of new talent.

1) Health Insurance: Millennials expect health insurance to be covered by employers. This includes dental and vision as well. In the past, workers were content with minimal insurance or none at all. In a recent survey done by The

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Tips to Creating a Clear Social Media Presence

Socialmediaworkplace“You are what you share.”  C.W. Leadbeater

Social Media is not just a part of the social world anymore, but now a part of the business world in which we operate daily as professionals. Companies use social media to communicate updates to their consumers, recruiters use it to assess online behavior, and research is driven from social media engagement data to create new products. These are just a few ways that social media networks are completely changing the landscape of the business world.

As professionals, it is important to to creating a clear social media presence that represents your own personal brand positively. The ability to creating a clear social media presence,  communicating ideas, and making connections

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Entrepreneurs’ Tips to Making Good Business Decisions


Entrepreneurs’ Tips to Making Good Business Decisions

Entrepreneurs are considered serial decision makers because they make lots of decisions every day and are generally wired to be risk takers and aren’t afraid of learning from their mistakes. Decision-making usually comes easier to entrepreneurs and high “D” personalities versus people who tend to be more risk averse. For those in which decision-making is more natural, you should focus on improving the quality of your decisions.  For those in which decisions are harder to make, you need to focus on following effective decision making steps and using techniques to help synthesize information.  Then, act upon those decisions that you have made rather than procrastinating.

Good decisions require a person

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Knowing Yourself and the DiSC Profile

Knowing yourself is defined as having a clear perception of your personality and work style, including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions and is the first step to becoming more effective to working with others.

There are many personality instruments that make it easy for people to understand who they are and how they work better, but we believe the DiSC assessment is the best for career development, talent redeployment, and outplacement. Unlike assessments such as the Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinder, and the Birkman, DiSC is really useful in helping people make informed career decisions as well as helps people identify and develop areas of weakness that hold them back from attaining their next career move.  This assessment provides a wealth of information about their workplace priorities and

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