You’re Fired! Sorry, You’re Too Hot

B2C_LogoPeople are in an uproar about a recent court case involving an aid getting fired from her job because she was considered an “irresistible employee”. Melissa Nelson worked for James Knight for 10 years at an Iowa dentistry office when she was fired because of Knight’s feelings for her.

Initially Nelson lost her sexual discrimination case on the grounds that she wasn’t fired based on her gender, but rather she was fired because of specific feelings that Knight had for her. Is this sounding a little bogus? Well a lot of other people thought it was off as well. The case is got another chance after the Supreme Court’s rare decision to withdraw the unanimous opinion it issued in December.

After the initial ruling, this case gained national attention, and for good reason. In fact, the ruling was met with such criticism that this is 1 in 5 cases that have been submitted for reconsideration over the last decade. Are policies and laws in place to find loopholes or to be respectfully upheld? The answer to that one is getting harder to nail down every time a ruling like this happens.

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Raymond Lee